TrusCont DVD Data Copy Protection

TrusCont DVD Data Copy Protection


TrusCont DVD Copy Protection Software Overview

TrusCont DVD Copy Protection Software Overview

All Pro Solutions and TrusCont have joined forces in order to integrate TrusCont copy protection solutions into the Zeus and Olympus Series disc publishers. Owners of new Zeus or Olympus Series disc publishers can enjoy all TrusCont DVD data copy protection features by downloading and installing the TrusCont software.

Key Features
  • Perfect resistance to recording software and hardware
  • Totally transparent to end users (no passwords, no driver installations, etc.)
  • Protected content is useable as long as the original medium is present in a local drive
  • Fully compatible with standard DVD devices and Windows operating systems
  • Duplication of protected DVD-Data discs
  • Optional printing capability with additional software.
Additional Information

True Content Protection

Apollo Series with TrusCont content protection provides a true solution for copy protection and Digital Rights Management of the most popular content types. Its outstanding security level and complete transparency to end users make it an ideal solution for protecting multimedia contents such as e-learning materials, video guides, tutorials, technical publications, animations, presentations, drawings and more. Strong encryption and copy protection features make TrusCont content protection an ideal solution for protecting intellectual property such as commercial titles and confidential materials.

True content Protection Solution

Provides outstanding copy protection level and unprecedented transparency to end users. Perfect Anti-Copy resistance to 1:1 copying, bit-2-bit copying, file copying, ripping, virtual drives, emulators and other known hacking / cracking / copying methods. Protected content plays naturally in standard default applications such as Adobe Reader and Windows Media Player.

Rights Management

Define the rights to use your content. Prevent ‘Save As’ and control printing and copy & paste permissions. Use global settings or define rights for individual files.

Access Control

Optionally set ‘On Access’ passwords on your files and/or set a ‘Global Password’ for protecting your entire title. Make sure each recipient can access only information that is relevant for him.

Expiration Dates

Set expiration dates on files to prevent the use of outdated files. Ensure your technicians and field engineers never use obsolete procedures, schematics, technical references and catalogues.

Software Copy Protection

TrusCont software copy protection provides publishers with outstanding protection against all software piracy threats. Copy protection is extremely important not only for fighting piracy and increasing revenues, but also for protecting your business’ good name and reputation.

Whether you publish low quantities using your own PC, or high volumes using professional publishing equipment TrusCont software protection is a turnkey solution for securing your entire product lifecycle and can be applied easily at any stage in just a few minutes.

Strong, Secure and Fully Transparent

Provides perfect resistance to 1:1 duplication and cloning, bit-2-bit copying, virtual drives and emulators, and other known hacking, cracking and copying methods. Unprecedented performance and efficiency make it fully transparent to end users – no noticeable delays in loading time and absolutely no degradation in execution performance.

Powerful Protection Options

Use the basic powerful protection or optionally apply advanced features such as background checks, force software to terminate on eject of the medium, restrict access with passwords and set expiration dates to facilitate upgrade processes – all easily configurable in TrusCont software, absolutely no programming skills required.

Protect Any Quantity

TrusCont software protection can be applied on any number of copies, from a single disc to millions of copies. You can even use your own personal computer to burn one protected DVD. Since TrusCont supports protection of mass productions using the Apollo Series duplicators, this is the easiest way for mass copy protection.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 – Download TrusCont DVD-R Protection Toolkit for Apollo and Install and run the free software. The software allows you to select the files that you wish to record and set copy protection options.

Step 2 – Load your Zeus or Olympus CD/DVD duplicator with TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R media. TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R media are high quality DVD discs that are compatible with TrusCont copy protection solutions. TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R media is available for purchase from All Pro Solutions. The cost of TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R is similar to the cost of standard high quality DVDs.

Step 3 – Start duplicating. Make sure you have enough copy protection licenses. With TrusCont copy protection solutions you pay only for the discs that you actually protect. You buy TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R discs for a price of standard media and then purchase copy protection licenses only for the discs that you wish to protect.

Video Guides & Demos

Copy & Paste Protection (Flash Movie: 3:56 Duration)

Print Protection (Flash Movie: 3:26 Duration)

‘Save As’ Protection (Flash Movie: 3:36 Duration)

Password Protection (Flash Movie: 5:40 Duration)