Document Scanning Service

Document Scanning Services

A document scanning service allows you to outsource the document imaging process to a third party. When you hire All Pro Solutions, we handle all the document preparation, scanning, and quality control processes, then give you a series of images and text files that can be uploaded into your document imaging software. If you don’t already have document imaging software, we will be happy to work with you to find the best solution for your needs. The images will be delivered back on fully searchable CD’s or DVD’s. Outsourcing is particularly useful to help address back file Scanning Projects or when you want to focus your team on revenue and value generating activities.

How We Prepare Your Documents:

  • We pick up your documents or you ship them to us.
  • Prepare files for scanning (remove notes, staples, unfold, etc)
  • Scan files
  • Name the files
  • Create multi-page pdf files (OCR)
  • Return the electronic files to your office
  • Store paper documents
How we prepare your documents

Digital Records Scanning

Digital records scanning is a process that consists of converting paper documents into editable digital information. All Pro Solutions use high-quality scanners based on cutting-edge technology, to systematically scan each document until all of your paperwork is converted into electronic files of formats such as PDF, tiff, doc, and other text files during our imaging service. Following the scanning process, each file is verified to assure readability in the target format. Electronic data is backed up for added security and safety and subsequently catalogued and organized in the customized manner that best suits your company’s needs.

Digital records scanning

10 reasons scanning documents is a good business for you:

  • Save Money: Document scanning eliminates the need to maintain paper-based filing systems. This reduces the cost associated with day-to-day filling, retrieving files for annual audits, archiving and long-term storage of paper records.
  • Save Time: Scanned documents can easily be accessed on a computer in seconds. Once the scanned document has been accessed, printing and emailing is a click of a button.
  • Save Space: A single CD-ROM can hold 18,000 to 20,000 scanned pages. This is the equivalent of 2 file cabinets worth of paper. A server can hold 100’s to 1000s of CD’s worth of scanned data, and web repositories like can hold an unlimited amount of scanned images at economical rates.
  • Disaster Recovery: The imaging service allows documents that have been scanned to be easily backed up and protected on network servers or by electronic storage.
  • Productivity Gains: Studies have shown that employees spend 20% of their day searching for information. Using document management software, users can access decision-making information in seconds, saving time and improving productivity.
  • Security: Paper-filing systems are susceptible to misplaced, stolen and lost documents. Using comprehensive records management software will provide additional security and user tracking to protect scanned documents.
  • Collaboration: Many records scanning systems integrate with business applications, allowing faster access and the ability to share information in real time.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Response times are reduced, information is available in seconds from a computer, remote locations and global business offices are connected and able to respond to customer needs faster and more efficiently when an imaging service is initiated.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Regulatory guidelines such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA have pushed companies to records scanning services because the technology does not allow information to be lost or stolen, scanned documents cannot be edited, and document management software systems offer additional securities and controls that paper record keeping cannot provide.
  • Green Initiatives: Scanning documents reduces the amount of paper that is printed. With work group and collaboration tools, the result is that fewer paper documents are produced.