M Series Manual CD DVD BD Tower Duplicators

M Series Duplicators

The M-Series consists of Standalone Manual CD/DVD and Blu-Ray Duplicator Towers ranging from 1 to 11 drives. Within the M Series Tower Duplicators there are also towers which contain Blu-Ray disc duplication capabilities.

M-BC Series Duplicators

The M-BC Series duplicators consist of towers which allow duplication and backup capabilities from memory cards and flash drives to CD, DVD and even Blu-Ray. The M-BC is available from 1 to 9 drives.

M-Duo Series Duplicators

The M-Duo Series duplicators allow USB to CD/DVD/BD duplication. The M-Duo is also compatible with other USB storage devices such as external hard drives, allowing you to copy from Flash to Disc in no time. The M-Duo is available from 1 to 11 drives.

The Tower Series includes standalone systems that do not need to be attached to a PC to function. However, the loading process is manual, requiring a user to load and unload each drawer as the CD/DVDs are finished.