TrusCont DVD Data Copy Protection Software - Software Piracy Threats
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TrusCont DVD Data Copy Protection Software

Integrated for use with Zeus or Olympus Series DVD Publishers

Product Brochure

TrusCont DVD-Data Copy Protection Technology

Software Piracy Threats

If you are a software publisher you may find in this article some useful tips for protecting your business

Publishing unprotected software poses greater threats to your business than you may realize. In addition to the direct loss of sales due to illegal copying and use, your business may also suffer from significant indirect damages such as loss of reputation, damage to your business' good name and reduced popularity of your product.

Loss of revenues

Loss of revenues is the direct and immediate risk in publishing unprotected software. Authors and publishers invest substantial resources on their products. Small authors and startups sometimes invest their entire resources on a single creation. Protecting your software is a critical decision that may make the difference between a profitable product and a commercial failure. Copy protecting your publication may cost as low as few cents per copy, which is negligible comparing to the true investments on software development and marketing. Is saving few cents really worth the risk of losing your entire investment?

Damage to reputation and good name

Unprotected software is often made available by pirates from unofficial resources. These pirated distributions often contain viruses and other malicious software that may affect the normal operation of the software and even cause damages to end users. Malfunctioned software or software that causes damages hurts your business' reputation and good name, even if the end users use your software illegally. Properly protecting your software helps ensuring that your product is available from legitimate resources and functions properly.

Loss of potential customers

Some customers like to evaluate new products before purchasing. However, in many cases pirates strip products from user manuals, brand names & copyright information. Even if the evaluating customers are honest people, lack of manuals may result in losing potential customers just because they can't figure out how to use your product or what it does exactly. In case of missing brand names and/or copyright information potential customers may innocently be mislead to think that your product is free. Protecting your product allows you to offer your customers a method for properly evaluating an authentic copy of your software.

Revere engineering and stealing of Intellectual Property

Does your software contain trade secrets or other intellectual property such as algorithms, procedures, knowhow and patent pending technology? Protecting your software may be a good practice for making it harder for your competitors to reverse engineer and steal your valuable IP.

Closing the door

There are many other direct and indirect risks in publishing unprotected software. Of course, no security system stands for ever, like no door can absolutely protect our home against burglars but we still lock our doors when we go out.

Don't let the cost of the lock prevent you from protecting your real assets. Contact us today to find out what’s the best solution for your copy protection needs.

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TrusCont DVD Data Copy Protection Software - Software Piracy Threats