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Olympus MD 2-Drive CD DVD Blu-Ray Advanced Medical DICOM Publishing Systems

Automated 2-drive Standalone Network-based CD/DVD Blu-Ray Medical Publisher w/ Built-In PC and Integrated Printer

Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse not included

Olympus MD Product Brochure
User Manual

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Olympus MD2H
Olympus MD2H - 220 Disc Capacity
2 Drives - SpeedJet Inkjet Printer

Olympus MD2T
Olympus MD2T - 220 Disc Capacity
2 Drives -
P55C Thermal Printer

Product Overview Technical Features Hardware Specifications

Olympus MD 2-drive CD DVD Blu-Ray Medical DICOM Publisher Technical Features

  • Full DICOM 3.0 compliance
  • Support for the following DICOM SOP Classes:
    • Verification SOP Class (SCU and SCP roles)
    • All Storage SOP Classes (SCU and SCP roles)
    • Query/Retrieve SOP Classes (SCU and SCP roles)
    • Storage Commitment Push Model SOP Class (SCP role)
  • Full WADO support (DICOM Part 18)
  • Based on the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Database Engine (included)
  • Support for large DICOM storage archive
  • Support for storage of non-DICOM files (PDF or ASCII reports, voice recordings, etc.) associated with DICOM studies or patients
  • Support for interactive CD/DVD/BD production through local CD/DVD/BD writer drives
  • Automated CD/DVD/BD production:
    • Fully customizable label graphics and layout
    • Automatic substitution of DICOM fields
    • Support for multiple-studies or multiple-patients labels
  • Advanced cross-platform, autorunning DICOM viewer included on every produced media
    • CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Ray Discs can be viewed on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux
    • Powerful DICOM image manipulation and viewing functions
    • Support for Presentation States/
    • Support for Key Images
    • Support for Encapsulated PDF
    • Support for non-DICOM text reports (.doc, .pdf, .rtf, .txt)
    • Support for non-DICOM voice reports (.wav, .mp3)
    • Print functions
  • Compliance with IHE PDI profile
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface, for configuration, study browsing and interactive CD/DVD production
  • Support for automated CD, DVD, Blu-Ray-based offline archiving of DICOM files (license option)
  • Support for legal archiving (license option)
  • Support for DICOM forwarding (license option)
  • Post-compression and on stream compression to speed-up study download by web viewer
  • Support for web access to stored DICOM studies and images (license option)
  • HL7 support for NONDICOM reports reception and patient information update (license option)

Standard CD/DVD Publisher Features

  • Production of small/large batches of multiple CD/DVD/BDs or of unique discs
  • Automated production of media including label printing
  • Media production by using standard file system operations
  • Full asynchronous production - produce 2 unique jobs simultaneously. A job contains 1 unique data master for duplication and 1 unique label file for printing.
  • Integration into existing workflows and applications via batch interface
    • Olympus Publisher's software SDK (Software Developer Kit) can be integrated into any environment for customized recording and printing. SDK enables you to collect individual data from any source and record and print it to individual DVD-Rs, CD-Rs and now Blu-Ray Discs.
  • Parallel operation of multiple Olympus Publishers connected on the same network, includes Load-Balancing
  • Network-wide control of the production process by Windows and Web-clients
  • Support of DDP files
  • Archive and backup your data
  • On-Demand publishing with customized label printing
  • Mastering of data CD/DVD/BDs and audio CDs
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Olympus MD 2-Drive Features, DICOM DVD Medical Publishers, DICOM Publishers, DVD Duplicators