TrusCont DVD Data Copy Protection Software - Intellectual Property Rights Protection
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TrusCont DVD Data Copy Protection Software

Integrated for use with Zeus or Olympus Series DVD Publishers

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TrusCont DVD-Data Copy Protection Technology

Intellectual Property Rights Protection

Protect your intellectual property with TrusCont! Prevent piracy and confidential information leaks

Publishing Digital Content

Digital content publishing has been gaining increased popularity in recent years. Software, books, video, music, training and e-learning contents, technical manuals, referral materials, specifications & charts are just a few examples of contents that are distributed nowadays in digital formats on DVD media, USB Flash Drives, and even over the Internet and cellular networks.

Low production and distribution costs compared to traditional book publishing for example, as well as additional functionalities such as easy searching, indexing, bookmarking and the ability to embed multimedia enriched contents contribute to the popularity of digital publishing among publishers and the consumers.

The risks in digital publishing

Surely there are many benefits in digital publishing. However, there are also great risks involved, especially for the publishers. In many cases the digital content is intellectual property of the publisher and a source for his living. Publishing content in digital format makes it easy for consumers to illegally duplicate, reproduce, distribute and even manipulate it. This can cause substantial loss of income to the publisher and also damage his good name and reputation in case the content is manipulated illegally or improperly. In many cases pirates of digital content strip the content from any copyright notices and trademarks making other honest people believe that it is right to use the pirated content for any purpose. The risks for the consumers are getting erroneous or unreliable content from unofficial sources and even content infected with viruses and other malicious software.

Why is it important to protect digital content?

Digital publishing has been gaining popularity also in corporate environments, governments, military and federal institutes, where the digital content is sometimes so important that a potential leak cannot even be measured in money. Companies hand out to field engineers discs containing schematics, technical documentation and other referral materials that sometimes equivalent to carrying an entire library. These contents may contain confidential information of the company embodying intellectual property such as know-how and trade secrets. More often sensitive digital contents leak due to neglect or mishandling. In some cases an employee simply starts to work for a new employer while still possessing copies of the sensitive content received from his previous employer. If the content reaches to the wrong hands, like a competing organization for example, the company may lose its entire competitive edge, expose its long term commercial or technical plans, reveal its customer lists, and potentially suffer from other tremendous damages that cannot be measured or calculated by a simple cost per copy of the content. The situation may be even much worse in case of government agencies for example, where the exposed content may pose risks to national security.

TrusCont Content Protection

Protecting digital publications significantly decreases and even prevents leaks and piracy. TrusCont Content Protection solutions are suitable for protecting almost any type of digital content whether it is distributed on physical media or delivered electronically via the internet and cellular networks. Given the risks, publishing digital content without any copy protection is not an option. The cost of TrusCont protection solutions is negligible comparing to the cost publishers have on authoring, producing and distributing their publications.

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TrusCont DVD Data Copy Protection Software - Intellectual Property Rights Protection