TrusCont DVD Data Copy Protection Software - Encryption vs. Copy Protection
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TrusCont DVD Data Copy Protection Software

Integrated for use with Zeus or Olympus Series DVD Publishers

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TrusCont DVD-Data Copy Protection Technology

Encryption vs. Copy Protection

What is the difference between encryption and copy protection? This page will help you decide on the right solution for your needs

Most publishers of digital content nowadays understand that protecting digital assets is an essential task. In order to effectively protect digital content it is important to choose a suitable solution that fits the specific security requirements. In general, encryption systems authenticate the end user while copy protection solutions authenticate the medium or the data.

Using Encryption

Encryption is useful where there is a need to restrict access to known recipient(s). Usually the recipients posses some kind of a digital ‘key’ that grants access to the encrypted information. Any other person that doesn’t have the key will not be able to access the information. Example for the use of encryption is transferring confidential information among government agencies.

A Common Mistake

Many publishers confuse encryption with copy protection. A common mistake publishers make is looking for encryption when they actually need copy protection. Encryption alone is ineffective against piracy because it doesn’t restrict the end user from copying, printing or manipulating the information. Encryption only guaranties that the data will not be accessible in case it falls into the wrong hands while it is in transit to the intended recipient. When the intended recipient receives the encrypted data he can decrypt it using the key he has. Once decrypted, the intended recipient can alter, duplicate, share, or otherwise manipulate the data without restriction unless a complimentary copy protection or DRM technology is applied to the data.

Using Copy Protection

Copy protection authenticates the medium and not the end user. The information can be visible and accessible to anyone without any need to type a code or own a ‘key’. Copy protection doesn’t necessary restrict the use of the data to specific recipients, it only guaranties that the end users cannot copy the data.

Using Encryption and Copy Protection Together

Sometimes it makes sense to use both encryption and copy protection together. Encryption will guaranty that the sensitive data will not be available to unauthorized people, while copy protection will guaranty that the intended recipient cannot make additional copies of the data or distribute it. The publisher of the data can even request the recipient to return his copy after viewing the data and rest assure that the only copies of the data ever made are back in safe hands. Applying copy protection in addition to encryption is a good countermeasure against sensitive information leaks even if you fully trust the intended recipients. In many cases information leaks happen unintentionally – e.g. computers infected with Trojan horses, data that was innocently copied to a laptop or employees that resign and unintentionally maintain copies of the data that may leak at a later stage.

TrusCont Solutions

At this stage you probably know already which security solution best fits your needs. TrusCont specializes in copy protection and digital rights management solutions. However, using TrusCont solutions it is also possible to restrict access to specific recipient using passwords. TrusCont supports protection of the most commonly used content types, including documents, schematics, drawings, audio, video and other multimedia contents. Check our product pages for detailed instructions for protecting your information.

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TrusCont DVD Data Copy Protection Software - Encryption vs. Copy Protection