Patronus DVD Video Anti Rip Copy Protection Software
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Patronus DVD Video Anti Rip Copy Protection Software

Integrated for use with Hera Series Duplicators & Zeus or Olympus Series DVD Publishers

Product Brochure

Software Overview Specifications

Patronus Protection Levels

Fortium’s DVD Anti Rip Copy Protection technology is designed with reliable levels of protection from mass market ripping programs. Patronus provides effective speed bump protection from unauthorised casual copying. Patronus software is regularly tested against new and upgraded ripping programs.

Examples of Ripping/Burning Software Tested

  • Magic DVD copier
  • Nero OEM Suite
  • AnyDVD /Nero OEM
  • AnyDVD /CloneDVD
  • AnyDVD/Easy DVD Copier
  • Smart Ripper
  • DVD X Studios/CloneDVD
  • 1Click DVD Copy 5/ DVD43 Decrypter
  • DVDFab Platinum/DVDFab Decrypter
  • CopyDVDs2/ DVD43 Decrypter
  • HandBrake/DVD ReMaster (MAC OS)
  • MAC The Ripper/DVD ReMaster (MAC OS)
  • MediaFork (Linux OS)

Patronus Playability Levels

Patronus protected DVDs have full playability designed to match playability levels of unprotected DVDRs in DVD players. The original media content is not modified and play-back quality remains unaffected. This is achieved by introducing copy control encapsulation in areas of the disc that are not read by DVD players during playback.

Independent testing confirms that Patronus protected DVDs play in all DVD players that play DVDRs.

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Patronus DVD Video Anti Rip Copy Protection Software