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Olympus 4-Drive CD DVD Blu-Ray Advanced Publishing Systems

Automated 4-drive Standalone Network-based CD/DVD and Blu-Ray Disc Publisher w/ Built-In PC and Integrated Pritner

Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse not included

Olympus Product Brochure
User Manual

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NEW Olympus 4E - 600 Disc Capacity NEW
4 Drives - EnduraJet II CISS Continuous Ink Printer

Olympus 4H - 420 Disc Capacity
4 Drives - SpeedJet Inkjet Printer

Olympus 4P - 630 Disc Capacity
4 Drives - Pro III Thermal Printer

Olympus 4T - 420 Disc Capacity
4 Drives -
P55C Thermal Printer

Overview Features Specifications Whats Inside Software

Because of its modular architecture Olympus Publisher will adapt to your requirements and fit well into an existing networked environment. The software consists of the server component, which controls the actual recording process as well as a set of applications for the definition of the disc contents. The Olympus server controls the hardware and administers the job list. Each job represents one production series and contains important information like number of copies, label print file and additional parameters. The job attributes and the job list can also be modified by network clients under control of the integrated user management. A job is easily created and hundreds of copies produced by just dragging & dropping the Disc Image to the job list. The user interface provides all important hardware and job status information even over the network and internet.

Software Features:


  • Hardware control by well proven recording technology.
  • Load-Balancing - Parallel operation of multiple Olympus Publishers connected on the same network.
  • Simultaneous recording of different CD/DVD/BD images.
  • Automatic adaptation to hard disk performance to avoid buffer-underruns
  • BURN Proof (if supported by the recording device)
  • Basic printer support for pre-defined print files
  • User interface installable on network clients for remote operation
  • Integrated user management

Windows Client

  • Creation of copies of existing CD/DVD/BD media
  • Creations of new Audio CDs and CD/DVD/BD data media
  • Creation of Video CD/DVD/BDs (based on formatted directory and file structures)
  • Import of pre-defined CD/DVD/BD images, also from other publishing systems
  • Design and print management of individual disc labels
  • Control of multiple Olympus Publisher servers

Web Client

  • OS independent operation by internet browser
  • Import of pre-defined CD/DVD/BD images, also if generated by other publishing systems
  • Control of multiple Olympus Publisher servers

Event Controlled Recording (ECR)

  • Automated network wide generation of CD/DVD/BDs
  • Multi Volume support by automated media spanning
  • Individual label printing
  • Recording of pre-defined images (also if generated by other authoring systems)

Advanced Label Printing

  • Integrated label editor for individual labels of a CD/DVD/BD series (i.e. serial no.)
  • Support for static and dynamic text and graphic objects

Optional - Disc Description Protocol (DDP)

  • Direct creation of CD/DVDs from DDP files
  • Support of DDP version 1.x and 2.0 (single session)

Optional - Batch Interface (SDK) Package:

  • Script based control for third-party product integration (i.e. on-demand CD/DVD/BD production)
  • Complete functionality covered by batch commands
  • Flexible CD/DVD/BD Image creation
  • Fully supports client/server paradigm
Networked Client PC Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium based system
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • Windows Server 2003 / 2008

** Business Card Disc Capacity is 110 discs.
*** Reduces regular disc capacity to 110 discs and business card disc capacity to 110 discs.

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Olympus 4-Drive Software, DVD Publishers, Blu-Ray Publishers, DVD Duplicators