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Olympus Series - Storage Manager - Archive Edition - Automated CD DVD Blu-Ray Disc Archiving

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Olympus Storage Manager - Archive Edition Overview

The extreme growth of unstructured data is one of the most important challenges which companies have to face within the coming years. Simply expanding primary storage will no longer solve this problem because of economic and technical reasons. Based on the fact that most of the unstructured data is inactive ("cold data") companies are looking increasingly for solutions to solve this dilemma.

Companies have large amounts of data, and a large percent of it needs to be retained. Only 25% of the data within an organization is freshly created; the rest is redundant data, or data that was created in the past and must be preserved for future reuse. This situation has created a high demand for information storage, a demand that carries both monetary and logistic concerns. Data archiving allows organizations to efficiently retain this mass of redundant data, often for very long periods of time, so that it can be accessed when necessary.

The solution is to archive data to suitable secondary storage systems designed for long-term data preservation and archiving, i.e. CD/DVD Blu-Ray Disc publishing systems. Olympus's Storage Manager - Archive Edition provides an easy to install and intuitive software for automatic policy-based migration of cold data to data to be archived from primary storage to CDs DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs with the range of Olympus Series Publishing Systems.

Preserving digital data for the long-term is extremely important as the amount of content generated increases each year. Optical disc-based systems play a vital role in offline data archiving when cost effective solutions are required. Optical discs are also a great fit for long term storage or safety copies of data.

Regardless of what kind of data archiving is needed, All Pro Solutions has the right solution. We have systems that allow you to archive emails and office documents, store software source code, archive log files, and store captured video or medical images. Whether this information is archived to fulfill legal requirements or to protect business assets, the data will be safe and secure if it comes from All Pro Solutions CD/DVD and Blu-ray Disc systems. All Pro Solutions Archiving solutions reduce archiving costs and simplify recall, while preserving critical data for decades.

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