CD DVD Blu-Ray Automated Data Archiving Systems Features, Data Storage Backup, Archive
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Olympus Series - Storage Manager - Archive Edition - Automated CD DVD Blu-Ray Disc Archiving

Product Brochure

Overview Features Specifications

Olympus Storage Manager - Archive Edition Features

  • Policy Based File Archive
    Storage Manager – Archive Edition offers policy-based file archiving. This is fully automated archiving directly to an optical storage device such as an Olympus Series CD/DVD Blu-Ray Disc Archiving System – no user action is needed.
  • WORM File System with CIFS Access
    Most applications do not support archive storage systems (like tape and optical) natively and require a standard storage access interface like CIFS. The VFS (Virtual File System) is an integral module of Storage Manager – Archive Edition and implements a native Windows file system. It provides standard CIFS file system access to archive storage systems. This means applications can make use of the benefits of the Olympus Archive Systems without adaptations.
  • User-Defined Archiving by Web Client
    Besides the automatic process of file archiving, Storage Manager – Archive Edition offers user-defined archiving supported by a Web Client. The Web Client is aimed at environments in which particular users need to be able to perform archiving operations by themselves. Usage of the Web Client is protected by a user authentication mechanism.
  • Archiving Methods
    Storage Manager – Archive Edition provides multiple archiving methods. This comprises copying of files (Copy Mode), moving of files (Data Mover Mode), and stubbing of files (HSM Mode).
  • Use of Standards
    Storage Manager – Archive Edition strictly adheres to standards for storing data on secondary storage systems. This ensures independence from a specific hardware vendor and protects customer investments. Furthermore access to all archived data is provided by standard operating system methods. MTF (Mircosoft Tape Format), LTFS1 (Linear Tape File System) and UDF (Universal Disk Format) are supported as standard formats for tape and optical.
  • Software Development Kit
    The Software Development Kit (SDK) can be used by system integrators to incorporate the functionality of Storage Manager – Archive Edition into applications by a suitable API. This API provides the control of policy-based archiving as well as comprehensive query and administrative functions.


  • Efficient use of primary storage.
  • Reduced risks fo data loss.
  • Fullfillment of archving requirements.
  • Low cost, low power consumption and minimal carbon footprint.
  • Reduced Costs - Lower costs per decade than storing on HDD.
  • Long-term data retention, compatibility and durability.
  • Increased productivity
  • Faster than tape - Random access and rapid recall.
  • Easy installation
  • True WORM (Write Once Read Many)
  • Intuitive usage
  • Save for decades - DVD and Blu-Ray Disc last much longer than tape or other media.
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CD DVD Blu-Ray Automated Data Archiving Systems