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Standalone/Automated CD DVD & Blu-Ray Disc Printing Systems

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Apollo PC-Connected Networked Printer Autoloaders

These systems are fully automated CD DVD printer autoloaders that require connection to a PC. The systems are networkable and can be configured with either inkjet or thermal printers.

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Manual CD DVD BD Printers

There are 4 different top-of-the-line printers to choose from which can be configured with any of our printer autoloaders and/or duplicators later on down the road. Printing technologies include inkjet, thermal transfer, thermal re-transfer, and photorealistic dye-sublimation

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All Pro Solutions is a leading manufacturer and innovator of CD DVD Duplicators and Blu-Ray Publishers. Offering the largest selection available along with one of the longest warranties in the industry at 3 years on all robotics, All Pro Solutions is setting the standard for the CD Duplication industry. From low-end, entry-level CD Duplicators to highly advanced and network-based, mission critical Blu-Ray Publisher systems, All Pro Solutions has everything covered!

All Pro Solutions is located in South Carolina, USA in the beautiful Charlotte metropolitan area where all equipment is manufactured, ranging from low-end automated CD DVD Duplicators, mid-range CD DVD Publishers, and high-end Blu-Ray Publishers.

The low-end category consists of the Hera Series automated standalone DVD Duplicators which start out with 3 CD DVD Duplicating drives and 330 disc capacity and go all the way up to 9 CD Duplicating drives and 900 disc capacity. The Hera duplicators are copy-only machines intended for standalone operation. Users simply load the CD, DVD, or BD on top of blank discs and select 'Copy'. That's it! For those who have ISO files on their PCs or laptops, the Hera now includes a PC-Link application to allow transfer of image files directly to the internal HDD, or directly control the autoloader and all jobs from the PC-Link application.

The mid-range category consists of the Zeus Series automated standalone and networked CD DVD Publishers, configured with 2, 4, or 7 DVD Duplicator drives and integrated with inkjet or thermal CD DVD Printers. The Zeus series systems also include an embedded PC with Windows 7 and all necessary networking and labeling software preinstalled. The disc capacities range from 220 to 900 depending on the printer chosen. Within the Zeus Series, three different production jobs can be run with the same machine: copy-only DVD CD Duplicators, copy and print CD DVD Publishers, and print-only automated Printer Autoloaders. Multiple Zeus CD DVD Publishers can exhist on the same network and run simultaneously for high volume CD Duplication needs!

Now to the high-end category consisting of the Olympus Series automated, standalone and self-contained CD DVD Blu-Ray Publishers. The systems are network-based and consist of 2, 4, and 7 CD DVD or Blu-Ray Duplicator drives, a fully embedded PC running Windows-based PoINT Publisher NG software, and integrated with either inkjet or thermal CD Printers. Like the Zeus Series, the disc capacities range from 220 to 900 depending on the printer chosen. Users simply add a monitor, keyboard, and mouse for a complete and powerful CD DVD or Blu-Ray Publisher. The Olympus Publishers are the most advanced CD/DVD DVD Publisher systems of their kind. With the latest version, users now have the option of creating and submitting CD Duplication images via any web-based browser regardless of the operating system. Simply go to the IP address assigned to the Olympus DVD Publisher to create and submit jobs remotely over the web. For more information on the many advanced features, visit the Olympus Publisher product pages directly.

At All Pro Solutions, you will also find a full range of standalone manual flash memory duplication systems. USB Duplicators range from 3 targets for the occasional user all the way up to the whopping 118-target behemoth USB Duplicator for the true professional. SD Duplicators (Secure Digital) range from 7 targets up to the 63-target SD Duplicator. Compact Flash CF Duplicators are also available and range from the 7 target to the 31 targer CF Duplicator.

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Automated CD DVD & Blu-Ray Disc Printing Systems, CD DVD BD Printers