Apollo Series Automated CD DVD & Blu-Ray Disc Printing Systems, Networked CD DVD BD Printers
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Apollo PC-Connected CD DVD BD Printer Autoloaders

Apollo PA4 Printer Autoloader

Apollo Series CD DVD Printer Autoloaders

The systems within the Apollo Series are fully automated CD DVD printer autoloaders that connect to a PC. They can be configured with up to 330 (PA4), 630 (PA7), or, if using the large autoloader (PA9), up to 900 disc capacity and integrated with inkjet or thermal disc printers. The supplied software contains many user-friendly and intuitive tools to allow you to create basic or advanced print labels.With the Apollo Series, you have a full-blown printing system at your fingertips!

The powerful Publisher software allows for seamless integration into any local or remote network, be it a small office network, or a large corporate environment with thousands of employees. Each employee with access to the Apollo CD DVD print station will be able to submit their job to the queue at anytime, no matter the number of prints, and their jobs will be produced in the order submitted.

At All Pro Solutions, we take pride in the work we do. That is, we manufacture the most robust, reliable, flexible and efficient autoloading systems in the world. The Apollo Series CD DVD print stations can easily be configured with the following printers: SpeedJet inkjet printer, Pro III thermal transfer printer, as well as the industry's highest resolution printer, the Teac P55C thermal re-transfer printer with dye-sublimation printing technology.

Apollo PA7 Printer Autoloader

Apollo PA9 Printer Autoloader

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Apollo Series Automated CD DVD & Blu-Ray Disc Printing Systems, Networked CD DVD BD Printers