Zeus 4 Inspector - Standalone Automated CD DVD Blu-Ray Forensic Analyzer
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Zeus 4 Inspector - Standalone Automated CD DVD Blu-Ray Forensic Analyzer

Automated 4-drive Standalone Network-based CD/DVD Blu-Ray Forensic Analyzer w/ Built-In PC

Zeus Inspector Brochure

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User Manual

Watch Demo Video (Zeus 7T)

Overview Features Specifications Software
Zeus 4 CD DVD BD Inspector Features
  • Standalone & Fully Automated
  • 4 CD/DVD or Blu-Ray Drives
  • Fully Integrated PC Built Inside
  • Up to 630 Disc Capacity
  • Optional Digital Camera
  • Supports all optical media: CDs, DVDs, HD DVD and Blu-Ray.
  • Integrated report generator with direct-to-print, HTML, text and CSV output formats.
  • Consolidated media error reporting - this puts a list of all errors that occur while copying files in a single window.
  • Support for E01-type image files (read only)
  • Support for ISO + CUE image files (read only)
  • Create files to represent data in areas not referenced by a file system
  • SHA1 hash values for files and the entire disc
  • Thumbnail format display for files
  • Hash database support for hash matching - Done using one or more ODBC-defined databases. Either a database defined for CD/DVD Inspector of a C4P database can be used. C4P is a product of Ontario Provincial Police
  • Improved data carving used to identify files.
  • With use of a camera, support for multiple drive utilization is provided.
  • With use of a camera, serial number labels can be used to ensure that each disc and its content are completely tracked.
  • New reporting facility allows for user-defined reports with over 50 different columns to be selected from.
  • Ability to output any report to HTML, direct to print, text file, or CSV.
  • Notable files allowing individual files to be selected for reporting or inclusion as links at the end of an HTML report.
  • Remote Status Monitor - Track long running tasks easily.
  • Consolidated media error report
  • Supports Photoshop (PSD) files.
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Zeus 4 Inspector - Standalone Automated CD DVD Blu-Ray Forensic Analyzer