M255 Series Manual CD/DVD/BD Daisy-Chain Duplication Towers
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M255 Series Manual CD/DVD/BD Daisy-Chain Duplication Towers

M255 10 & 14 Drive CD/DVD/BD Tower Configurations- Daisy-Chain up to 255 Towers Together!

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Overview Features Specifications

M255 Series Manual CD/DVD/BD Daisy-Chain Duplication Towers Overview

The M255 Daisy chain series is a revolutionary solution that allows you to link up to 255 14-target towers for a maximum of 3570 targets simultaneously. Duplication can be made from a single master DVD/CD ROM or Hard Drive. The M255 systems are configured with either 10 or 14 drives and come with a built-in 250GB HD and a USB 2.0 connection card. The M255 features all the functions from our M-Series such as 'DHP technology', which creates a hard drive partition to the size of each master disc image to maximize HDD space, and 'Master Error Proof technology', which allows you to replace a bad master disc and continue at mid burn without ever having to lose your blank disc.

USB 2.0 connection provides you with the option to link to your PC and make one of the CD/DVD-RW drives inside your duplicator tower as an external optical drive. It also features two password protection modes to restrict unauthorized access to your duplicator. Best of all, the auto startup display features can be customized to the function you utilize most, including simple copy, test, verify, and copy & compare modes.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, you will find the M255 system to be a great tool because of its speed, accuracy and reliability. All of which is enclosed in our durable casing and feature a screw-less thumbscrew design. The enhanced vented case air circulation system is designed to extend the life your duplication tower. Firmware can be upgraded to all linked towers simultaneously or synchronized between towers at the push of a button. All these great features coupled with the ability to reconfigure the towers to form smaller chains or select standalone mode gives you the ultimate flexibility.

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M255 Series Manual CD/DVD/BD Daisy-Chain Duplication Towers