M255 Series Manual CD/DVD/BD Daisy-Chain Duplication Towers
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M255 Series Manual CD/DVD/BD Daisy-Chain Duplication Towers

M255 10 & 14 Drive CD/DVD/BD Tower Configurations- Daisy-Chain up to 255 Towers Together!

Product Brochure

Overview Features Specifications

M255 Series Manual CD/DVD/BD Daisy-Chain Duplication Towers Features

  • No PC required. Fully stand alone.
  • Built-in 250GB hard drive
  • Dual Password protection modes to prevent unauthorized usage
    DHP “Dynamic” hard drive partition Technology System creates partitions according to the size of each master disc image, therefore no HDD space is wasted
  • Ability to load disc image to HDD and rename the partition
  • Support Counter Function - Displays the total amount of successful and failed disc copies.
  • Master Error Proof- Prevents duplication failures caused by disc errors. Simply exchange the failed master disc with a working disc without interrupting the duplication process.
  • Auto Start Strategy - The duplicator can be set to auto start without pressing any button. This feature can be set according to users preference and works for Copy, Test, Compare and Verify functions.
  • Auto Source Disc Analyzing - The duplicator will automatically recognize the format of source discs and convert to either DVD +/- R.
  • Set Burn Speed
  • Select Source Drive - Enables user to choose either the DVD-ROM, DVD-RW or Hard Drive as the master source device (Due to specifications of DVD-RW drives, the reading performance may not be the same as regular DVD-ROM drives.
  • Audio Track Edit - Users can combine all of their favorite audio tracks from different CDs and create a single customized audio CD up to the maximum capacity of the blank media.
  • Utilities & Tools - Prescan, Quick Erase, Full Erase, Eject All Disc, Disc Info, Drive Info, System Info, Update BIOS
  • 4 “Eject On Start” modes- Users can have the preference to start in a certain mode right after the system is powered ON. These modes include Eject All, No Eject, Eject Target & Eject Source.
  • Ability to load disc image to HDD and rename the partition
  • Intuitive user-friendly LCD panel
  • Flexible Link Mode Selection - This function allows the ultimate flexibility. Select between linked and stand-alone modes. Allows you to customize the link and form smaller chains depending on the job demand.
  • Linked Firmware Upgrade - Controller firmware upgrade can be performed on all linked towers simultaneously without having to upgrade each individual tower.
  • Synchronize Firmware - Controller firmware can be synchronized between towers. As more towers are added you will not have to worry about the towers having different firmware versions.
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty (parts & labor included) and free life-time technical support.
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M255 Series Manual CD/DVD/BD Daisy-Chain Duplication Towers