CW-200 CD DVD & Blu-Ray Disc Case OverWrapper
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CW-200 CD DVD & Blu-Ray Case OverWrapper

Manual CD/DVD/BD Case Overwrapper. Professionally wrap up to 200 cases of all styles per hour!

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Overview Specifications

CW-200 CD/DVD/BD Case OverWrapper Overview

All Pro Solutions has the best tabletop manual overwrapping machine, CW-200, for any small rectangular shape objects like perfume, cosmetic boxes, tea, playing cards etc. as well as CD/DVD/Blu-Ray cases and video game cases. Simple to use, small and not expensive tabletop machine, provide professional packaging for your product. Very attractive price with really high manufacturing quality.

This machine is nature friendly and have extremely low power consumption, CW-200 machine consume only 65 watts per hour. This is 30 times less than power consumption of heat gun and 60-100 times less than power consumption of heat chamber or heat tunnel. In addition, it simply saves you money day by day!

Universally, one machine can overwrap any kind of small boxes, they just need to fit on the wrapping panel;. This includes cigarette boxes, tea boxes, perfume boxes, soap boxes, cosmetic boxex, playing card boxes, and many many other kinds of products you can think of.

Machine made from high quality parts and materials, to work for many years without any problems. The machine is made from powder coated metal, with stainless steel working table.

Overwrapping is much better packaging than shrinkwrapping, because BOPP film (used in overwrapping process) cost less and is more clear and glossy than shrinkwrapping film. Well, additional money saving if compare with shrinkwrapping packaging.

CW-200 overwrapping machine cost only fraction of bigger semiautomatic and especially automatic overwrapping machines. Perfect for market entry, when you starting a new business. Also perfect to test market response on better packaged products, when you trying to evaluate buying of semiautomatic or automatic overwrapping machine which cost 10-50 times more money.

Polypropylene wrapping material can be supplied in rolls from All Pro Solutions for 5000 wraps each. The result is a professionally folded and sealed case suitable for even the best retail presentations and all this for a fraction of the cost of outsourcing.

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CW-200 CD, DVD & Blu-Ray Disc Case OverWrapper